Our Team

If Batman and Superman were in a fight, who do you think will win the battle? Answer wisely, it might determine if you are suitable to be part of our team. We strive to deliver a creative platform to bring the world closer together. If you are smart and chill and know things that we don’t know. Welcome aboard.

barnything chief



Wynne was the first explorer to "discover" Barny Village. It was an empty grey land, so Wynne decided to gather more resources and turn this world into a greener place.

barny febe

Barny & Febe


Barny and Febe are Barny Village’s caveman and hunter. They are here to assist you on what you need. Cheers for you if you have succeeded your transactions.

barnything mage


Creative Lead

Adrina is the Magician. She paints Barnything with colours and makes Barny Village come alive.

barnything stonemason


Back-End Developer

Adrina created both Max and Wai Mun to protect and build Barny Village. Max built the village with stones and rocks. He makes sure everything is stable, with a strong firewall, so no enemy will break through.

barnything carver

Wai Mun

Full Stack Developer

Wai Mun is our carver, while Max builds houses, he carves out the details to give Barny Village that authentic and welcoming look for all the bartering cavemen to enjoy.

barnything baby



Cha is our first newborn at Barny Village. With a simple wave of her hand, she draws the attention of the villagers and the bartering cavemen.